Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Other Side

Should historical deprivations become a ground for your present apologies?

Dear women, (and other sections of society who feel disadvantaged- use analogies, as I shall refrain from commenting)

I'll start to the point.

How do you feel when men brand you as a 'slut' for wearing revealing clothes or overdoing makeup, because you know, some of them actually have experienced shrewd, manipulative, and cunning women who would flirt and sleep with them for shopping and/or money? (Some have actually been extremely insensitive to their feelings, and no wonder they have such negative feelings towards the prototype.)

How do you feel? Insulted? Stereotyped? Victimized? Unfair?


I only ask, how do you think it is fair for you to judge the man sitting in the metro/bus while you stand? Unless you have a handicap, or are old, you have no right to even look at the man with those ridiculing eyes. He could be tired. Much more tired than you. He's a man, after all-not a God, you always assert- right?

I only ask, how do you think it is fair for you to judge the man who brushed against you in the same bus? I have traveled by bus a lot, and I know the harassment, the subtle touching, the in-your-face touching- I've been through all. But you know what? I have been through scared men covering themselves with their office bags, terrified to lose balance and even touch a female being by mistake.

The men today have been extremely marginalized and victimized and stereotyped, because we women have really stopped at nothing! This is not just in the public sphere, but the private sphere as well. Most of us have become pseudo-liberalized have gone on to become dictator-like citizens.

We've been taught to act out against any such misbehaviour, but aren't we not applying our minds and discretion at all, and because of which the men suffer?
They do not deserve to go through this! Its as inhuman as untouchability!

I, lastly, only ask, how do you think it is fair for you to expect the man to be chivalrous, when what you demand is equality?

Lets show the men that we can be responsible with the protective laws set out for us. Lets assure them the shall not be oppressed.
Because, all oppressed rise, and then it shall not be pleasant.

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